The Challenge

Beach goers in the hotels & resorts get frustrated trying to find water – you see them standing, waving hands, looking left and right – sometimes even jumping or shouting. And when it gets busy, the service becomes super slow.

This impacts the customer satisfaction rate and the overall business performance.

Resort and hotel operators need to compromise between the quality of service and their cost of operation.

The Solution

Hotel & Resorts operators will need to compromise no more with Kwiki.

  • Kwiki is a mobile solution that benefits both the resort users as well as the operator. The guests can now accurately locate themselves in the resort and directly communicate with the restaurant to order their food and beverages or to get serviced (towels, umbrella, valet parking, etc.)
  • This will help them avoid the frustration of finding a waiter, and dramatically increasing the speed of services – 50% faster service !
  • Kwiki is also a loyalty and survey platform, a notification tool, as well as a source for Big Data.
  • Kwiki enhances the customer experience, increases the average check value and optimizes the operating costs – All at the same time !

How it Works

The Benefits


Fast Service

No more time lost catching a waiter and waiting to be served – Send your requests and enjoy the sun


Customize the order and get exactly what you asked for

Quick Checkout

Avoid waiting for the bill, use your credit card, pay cash or charge it to your room

Visual Menu

Browse a visual menu and check all relevant dietary details, including allergens

The Benefits


Faster Service

Increase your speed of service by 50%

Lower Cost

Optimize 70% of the waiter’s chores

Higher Sales

Increase your average check value by 20% with the integrated up-selling techniques

Go Fast & Green

Apply your menu changes seamlessly on the spot, avoid reprinting costs!

Higher Accuracy

Avoid human errors when your waiter take the order

Build Loyalty

Use Kwiki as a platform to build a loyalty scheme, and make sure you keep your loyal customers

Get Feedback

Use Kwiki as a platform to run surveys with a higher conversion rate

Sharpen your offering

Know more about your customers with Big Data and sharpen your offering

Send Notifications

Reach your customers through sending them notification about your activities

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